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The devastation left a profound impact on city activists and politics, ushering in demands for more-rigorous building standards.Authorities conduct anniversary drills to teach residents how to react.The earthquake was centered more than 600 miles from the capital in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Tapachula, a town in Chiapas famous as a way station for Central American migrants headed to the United States. Geological Survey counted at least 20 aftershocks greater than magnitude 4.0.Mexican authorities closed schools Friday in Mexico City and 11 states in the central and southern part of the country so they could check for damage to infrastructure. The shaking set off waves that washed up on the coast; some coastal residents evacuated their homes and sought shelter elsewhere.Although NOS catalysis relies on domain motions, and is activated by calmodulin binding, the relationships are unclear.We used single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) spectroscopy to elucidate the conformational states distribution and associated conformational fluctuation dynamics of the two electron transfer domains in a FRET dye-labeled neuronal NOS reductase domain, and to understand how calmodulin affects the dynamics to regulate catalysis.Residents put out pleas on social media for help recovering people from the wreckage.

This information was specifically obtainable only by single-molecule spectroscopic measurements, and reveals how calmodulin promotes catalysis by shaping the physical and temporal conformational behaviors of NOS.

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Minutes before midnight, warning sirens blared across this earthquake-anxious capital. Temblors are common here, and in recent years Mexico City has held annual disaster drills, revamped building codes and installed sophisticated sensors to be ready for an emergency. In pajamas and barefoot, with babies swaddled in blankets, residents rushed out of their apartments to wait in the darkened streets. This was an 8.2-magnitude earthquake, according to Mexican federal authorities, which would make it the most powerful one in Mexico in the past 100 years, and it was felt by some 50 million people.

The main quake was centered 43 miles underground, more than twice as deep as the one in 1985, and experts said that dampened its impact.

[Thirty years later, Mexicans are still getting ready for the next quake] After the shaking stopped, Mexico City and other large cities emerged mostly unscathed.

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