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The ritual gives the person an increase in strength, speed and stamina.

Nobosho no Ryū (Ascension of the Dragon)Ascension of the dragon is the second part of the original ritual given to the practitioner.

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Many other clans have attempted the act but only the Namikaze clan and another clan has ever discovered the secret to truly enhance their bodies to go at incredible speeds, though the latter only gained a lower version of speed they did however gain a very powerful affinity.What if a piece of the mind gem somehow found its way on Earth? From there Harry developed a love for magical creatures.There's only one problem, his love for dangerous creatures is greater than Hagrid's and before long he contemplates making his own. Hi my name is (Legend of the Kyuubi)Age: None of your business (not polite to ask)Nationality: Canada Languages: French (father's side of the family) English (mother's side of the family) Japanesse (self taught not great but not bad either)Patent Pending on Most of the Jutsu and Bloodlines and other things that are mine. I do not own Naruto or any other anime, manga, movies etc.The ritual consist of a person being willingly giving the blood of the dragon clan’s leader for consumption in order for the body to become accustomed for learning their techniques.Without this ritual the techniques will become fatal for someone to use.

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