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You gonna go get it for me, or are you too chicken!?

Those Derplings in the jungle are the most scary creatures I've ever seen! These ones live in the water and are a lot less scary!

Being damaged in any way does not retract the line.

The game calculates how many blocks are in the body of water you are fishing in by first checking how many blocks of liquid there are to the left and right.

I want to give it a taste of its own medicine, and give it a good chompin'! Did you know there's magical islands that float up high in the sky? They say angels live in the sky, and I believe those angels have fins and gills and swim around! I'm allergic to bees, so you have to catch it for me! There's a cursed fish swimming in the waters of the deepest corruption!

It was forged of the cursed flames that spread from the fallen horrors that lurk down there.

He says it could suffocate ten blokes his size, or something like that... I don't know where he gets his materials to make those things, but that one is clearly possessed!

Reel it in and bring it to me, I always wanted a suicide bombing fish! I bet you're not brave enough to find the Eater of Plankton.

I can think of some awesome things I can do with a fish like that!Apparently, Demon Eyes can sometimes be amphibious. I want to see the look on someone's face when they find it in their bathtub! This Fish-o-Tron deep in the caverns really freaks me out!I think it's possessed by the same evil spirits that possessed that old man by the dungeon! There's a legend of a mighty being known as the Fishron! I hear it hangs around in the frozen subterranean lakes of the coldest part of the world! Did you know deep in the crimson, some of those creatures make this gross yellow stuff?I'm not going there, so YOU go catch it and makes sure it lands in my hands! Those demons in the underworld really like voodoo dolls, but I think there's a doll out there who was blasted with way too much magic! I overheard a crazy story about a pool of it having melted together into a shape of a fish and it swims around and everything!It turned into a fish and it does stuff on its own. I'd watch out for the boiling lava, because it burns you to death and that won't get me my fish! Fetch it for me, so I can stick it in someone's toilet! Deep in the caverns, there is a fish made out of gemstones!

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